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donderdag 15 januari 2015
The Wilma4Ever "Traveling the Globe" Blog Train is HERE! Look at all the goodies everyone has made just for you all for FREE!

We are all on different time zones, so if someone doesn't have their part up yet, please check back later.
Wilma4Ever (this is the train station's main hub, there is no download here)
Wilma --->>you are here!
Traveling the Globe

Make sure you visit our store to see the matching BAK: all parts are only $1.00
You can Build A Kit you like with all the parts from different designers.
Go HERE to the BAK - Traveling the Globe

OK time for my part of the train!
I have created a Tagger Size and a Full Size kit for you:
Both of them are available in my store HERE
Have fun with the kit!
For the BAK I made these kits in Full and Tagger Size, they are all available for only $ 1.00 a piece!
Thanks for looking! 

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Lana zei

Thank you for the wonderful train freebies! They are great! Can someone contact Atria and get her to post a link? Several people have emailed her or messaged her on FB and no replies. There is no download link on her site and none in the store. Thank you again.

Wilma4ever zei

The link should be fixed at Atria's blog now Lana

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