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maandag 30 maart 2009

This first Grabbag of Wilma4ever is full of stuff newbie designers can use!
It contains 1 ribbonpack, 1 curled ribbonpack, a Doodle Flowerpack, Notebook Paper, A scalloped Frames Pack, 2 packs of paper-overlays to make easy and fast your own papers, staples, paperclips a chain and ribbon

All items are greyscaled, so you can easily recolour of fill it with your own patterns

All of these items are CU OK, so you can make with this stuff your own scrapkit

All items are full size and saved as 300 DPI

Right now this grabbag is available at my stores at Memory Junkies and Nuthouse Scraps

At Nuthouse Scraps we have at April 1st the grand opening, don't forget to sign up there for the in-store newsletter, we have a built in 10% discount for the people who have signed up. There are also a lot freebies to get at April first!!!
maandag 23 maart 2009
With this Designer Template you can make your own previews of your Scrapkits very easy and give them a great look!
It is saved in seperate layers in PSP and PSD Files
Now available at my shops at Nuthouse Scraps & Memory Junkies
Easter Scrapkit From Wilma4ever and Yvettedesign.
This new kit is FTU Hopefully you all like it!
When you have made a layout with this scrap or a tutorial, please give us an e-mail with your creations, we really like that!
Enjoy scrapping!!!
Please leave some love!
Included are:4 Bows
4 Curled Ribbons
9 Ribbons
5 Eggs
5 Broken Eggs5
Eggs with Bows
4 Decorated Folded Frames
2 Wraps
8 Flowers
7 Little Bunnies
7 Papers
4 Easterchicks
This scrapkit is taggersize (800 - 800).Saved as 300dpi
Click here to download!
zaterdag 21 maart 2009

Get them here at Nuthouse-Scraps or here at Memory Junkies!
This Pack contains 4 greyscaled fullsize overlays to make your own papers!
No credit required - CU OK
dinsdag 17 maart 2009
This Doodle Flower Pack contains 2 flowers saved as PSD and PSP files,they can be filled with your own colors or pattern
The colored flowers are saved as PNG file
Each flower is 2000 x 2000 pixels - 300 DPI
This pack is a Freebie Pack, so have fun with them!

This pack of frames contains 4 different scalloped frames
An oval, round, square and rectangle scalloped frame
These frames are all grey so they are easy to recolor, or to fill with your own pattern, gradient or textureAll frames are saved as PSD, PNG and PSP Files.
A file how to fill easely the frames is included to the zip
They are all CU and no credit is required
The Freebie Doodle Flower Pack and the Scalloped Frames are available at my shops at Memory Junkies & at Nuthouse Scraps

Description Just Happy Papers
These papers are taggersize (800 x 800 pixels)The papers are saved as JPEG 300 DPI
This paperpack contains 12 very happy papers, which you can use for al kinds of benefits.

Description Just Happy Scrap
This scrap is taggersize, so it is 800 x 800 pixelsAll elements are saved as PSD the papers JPEG, all 300 DPI
This scrap contains:12 papers, 2 beaded strings, 2 birds, 3 bows, 2 clovers. 4 curled ribbons, 6 doodles, 4 flowers, 4 gems, 10 ribbons, 4 frame's, 5 staples, 4 tags
This Paper Pack and the Scrap are right now available at my store at Memory Junkies, very soon also available in my store at Digital Dreams Scraps
maandag 16 maart 2009

Available at Memory Junkies and at Nuthouse Scraps

I am very proud to show you my newest CU products!!!

Because Easter is coming, I made these Chickens, Roosters, Bunny's and the little Chick
They are all available in my store at Memory Junkies and at Nuthouse Scraps
I am also going to sell my products at Digital Dreams Scraps, but this store isn't open yet!
I have lot's of other products, so take a loke at my store, there are also freebie's to collect there!
maandag 9 maart 2009
Tonight I made a start to update my tutorial site...
Klik here to watch my newest tutorials
Vavavond heb ik een start gemaakt met het updaten van mijn lessen site
Kijk hier voor mijn nieuwste tutorials
dinsdag 3 maart 2009
This evening I finally took the time to make a page with translations of my tut's in if you're interested:

French Tut's translated by Sandra of Le Jardin des tuto's
maandag 2 maart 2009

Today a new tut for you! Hope you all like it!
Vandaag weer een nieuwe les voor jullie, hopelijk vinden jullie hem weer leuk!
zondag 1 maart 2009

Both tut's are in Dutch, I haven't found time yet to translate to English.
I am still looking for some translators in different languages, so if you're interested, please contact me at

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