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maandag 11 oktober 2010
Hi all!
I know it has been a while since I posted my last message over here at my blog, not to mention my last freebie....but I had a pretty good reson LOL
Like you see at these photo's me and my hubby have gotten a beautiful baby, we called her Brenda and she is such a sweet and adorable bundle of joy!!! :-)
Above you see our whole family, as you can see Tom and Marit are also very proud at their new babysister!
This photo below is showing Brenda with our latest kitten 'Gijs'. He is born at June 5th, so still a little one also :-) They are big friends allready!

I hope to post more from now on, also to do some creative things with scrapping soon, but till then you all have to be a bit patient with me!

Missed you all a lot, hugs, Wilma

14 reacties:

Aquarius Scrapability zei

Wat een moppie!

Julie's Creations zei

Wow what a perfect family hun way to go!

Tammy aka bunchie zei

I just love that pic with the kitten cause they both look so alert!

Puddicat Creations zei

Awww you all look wonderful, the perfect family WTG.
Hugs Cindy

SleepingBeautie zei

Super cute pix, thanks for sharing! We missed you!!!

MC-designs zei

she is soooo adorable Wilma good to know everything is fine!!

Astrid zei

Brenda klooks adorable. This is good excuse not to be scrapbooking

Acorn Designs zei

She is such an adorable baby and mommy looks so proud of her. We all love and miss you and hope you get back on your feet soon.

Dana zei

Oh Wilma! Congrats. What a beautiful beautiful family and new addition. :)

TammyJo's Creations zei

How precious ! Beautiful family. Brenda looks like she didn't care too much to be in the water. LOL .. They get used to it though. I have 3 cats now and one looks a bit like your new kitten except mine is larger now but we still consider him the baby no matter what size he gets to because hes the last kitty to be in our family. I love em but no more pets unless they are digital from here on out. Hugs and thanks for sharing the pics.
Best wishes for you and your family.
TammyJo aka *TJ*

Anoniem zei

Brenda is an adorable addition to your lovely family! Enjoy your time with them - the days may be long sometimes but the years are short!

Anne zei

Congratulations on the new baby, she is beautiful. You have a lovely family.

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Esther -who lives in the zei

Love the new look on your blog, Wilma! Looks fantastic.

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