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dinsdag 15 december 2009
This sweet clipart I have set FREE for a limited time! So be fast to grab it!!! Go HERE for the Freebie!

3 reacties:

Twinkle Toes zei

Cool thanks! But how do I download it? Since it's free, we don't have to buy it...
Do you have to add it to the cart and have an account? Or is there some other way because I'm not allowed to give out that information (I'm not an adult).

Wilma4ever zei

Yes hun, you have to sign in to the store, then add it to the cart and check out, the product is free so you don't have to pay then

Twinkle Toes zei

Oh ok...I can't do that because I'm only 14 and it requires some really personal info (where you live, ect) but thanks!

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