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woensdag 21 oktober 2009
Go HERE of HERE to buy this awesome deal
This pack contains all my Tagger Size kits I have made since I have started as a Designer till today (21 October 2009)
All kits are 300 DPI and 800 x 800 pixels, except the Because I Said So kit, that is 1000 x 1000 pixels
This pack contains:
Autumn has Arrived (normal price $2.49)
Angel on my Shoulder (normal price $1.50)
Remix kit (normal price $3.00)
Because I Said So (normal price $2.99)
Just Happy (normal price $ 3.00)
Fun with the Sun (normal price $3.25)
Colours of Joy (normal price $3.50)
My Kitchen Part 1 (normal price $ 3.50)
My Kitchen Part 2 (normal price $ 3.50)
My Home (normal price $ 3.50)
My Garden Part 1 (normal price $ 3.50)
My Garden Part 2 (normal price $ 3.50)
At the Farm 1 (normal price $ 3.00)
At the Farm 2 (normal price $ 3.50)
At the Beach (normal price $2.25)
Starving Artist collab (normal price $ 3.00)

The normal price when you buy all those kits seperatly is $48.98 but I am selling those now for $ 10.00
Today only it is also possible at my store at MBH to grab those taggers for just $ 1 each, go HERE to the One Dollar Bargains

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