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zaterdag 28 februari 2009

I am very proud to offer you my first PTU Scrap! This scrap is made with my favorite color......Blue!!!!!!!!! :-)

This scrap contains:

  • 10 papers

  • 10 bows

  • 4 glassbuttons

  • 1 beaded rope

  • 1 beaded chain

  • 1 notebook paper

  • 6 different color paperclips

  • 2 pencils

  • 4 different color staples

  • 2 frames for 2 pictures

  • 2 scalloped glassframes

  • 4 ribbons

  • 4 ricracs

  • 4 wordarts

The kit is full size (3600 x 3600) and everything is saved as PSD file, the papers are saved as JPEG, 300 DPI.

The taggers version is 800 x 800, everything saved as PSD and papers saved as JPEG, 300 DPI

Both kits are available at my the store at Memory Junkies


Ik ben heel trots om jullie mijn eerste PTU scrap aan te mogen bieden!

De kit is gemaakt met mijn lievelingskleur......blauw!!!!!!!

Zie hierboven voor wat er allemaal in de kit zit.

De full size kit is 3600 x 3600 pixels de taggers size kit 800 x 800, alles is opgeslagen als PSD file en de papers als JPEG. Alles is 300 DPI

De kit is te koop in deze winkel:

Memory Junkies

And finally.... the FREEBIE!

Blue Scrap quickpage freebie

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